SBS icon

  • This contains various information about Smarter Business Software, licence information and the current version that you have installed.


Create new chart icon

  • This item is used to start a new chart.


Add/remove row(s) icon

  • By clicking on the icon, it will prompt you to ask how many new rows you would like to add to the sheet.
  • There are also two options under the icon (the dropdown function):
    • Remove row(s)
      • This will clear the selected rows
    • Clear chart
      • This will clear all the information within the Vizdata sheet


Hide Vizdata assistant icon

  • It is recommended that the VizData assistant remains open whilst completing the information


Preview chart icon

  • This will show you how the chart will look based on the information you have entered into the document.
  • The options button provides more functionality and the generate button will create the chart.