Instructions for downloading the trial:

1. C1. Click on the “try now” or Download Free Trial button



2. Complete your details and click register for a trial


3. Download the trial from either of these options:



a. On the screen that shows up (below) click on the “CLICK HERE to download” option or

                 b. Navigate to your email and click on the hyperlink within the email to download the software.


4. Read the terms and conditions and select “I agree to the terms” option


5. This will then start the download (there may be some additional Microsoft prompts for this download) , for example:


a. “Vizulate_setup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.” You will need to click on the small arrow and press Keep.




b. You may also need to click on this item to start the download




                   c. If you are prompted to restart your computer, you may not need to do this (we didn’t need to)


6. Once you receive the below confirmation screen, this means that the download has occurred correctly. You can click close on this option.




7. To start the software, click into excel and you should receive the following prompt to start using the software: