The answer to this is quite often dependent upon your compliance processes and size - but generally, our position is -

  • We suggest that all users in your firm involved in the creating of structure charts are granted access to the Vizulate Excel Add-on.
  • This ensures all users have access to the toolbar so they can efficiently and effectively generate charts immediately.
  • By having access to the Vizulate Excel toolbar - it gives you full access to the functionality of the in-built Data Assistant help area. This functionality significantly enhances the chart drawing process on the basis that the in-built validation occurs on-the-run when the data assistant is open and will error when there are errors in how the data has been inputted.
  • Using the Data Assistant to select items and complete the different fields will assist in accuracy and less errors when the chart is generated.

The software has been designed so that the cost per user is more economical with multiple licences as we believe you will get the true value and benefit of the software if it is simple/available on each workstation and as streamlined as possible.

You can buy limited licences per firm and have responsibility for charting resting with a few users, however we believe the true value and benefits mentioned above would not be fully realized.