In our November 2015 update we introduced the ability to import data from existing Practice Management Systems.

This means that names and entity types of groups can be imported to prefill a list of related entities and make the process of creating diagrams for a group easier.

The current Practice Management Systems that this works for is:

  • Reckon APS


We are interested in integrating with more systems to make Vizulate even easier to use. If you use another system and would like it to integrate with Vizulate - send us an email to become a testing site.


To configure this database import routine - you will need to configure the config.ini file.


Import Source


This setting will determine which method will be used, currently the only supported method is Reckon APS. Contact us if you're interested in getting this to work with your practice management system.


APS Database Connection String


This is the ODBC connection used to connect to your APS database. If you are unsure about this, ask your IT team or send us an email at


Group Type Setting


This setting will be based on your Reckon APS configuration. It will determine if the selected entities are grouped by Family Group, or by Debtor.





More details on this configuration file can be found here