External Data Import


We have added functionality to be able to import a list of entities from external practice management systems to make the process of filling out a list of entities within a group much easier.


Full details can be found here

Cosmetic Changes

  • Preview window now hides after a diagram is generated
  • Scrollbar has been added to the data assistant window for large entity groups
  • Feedback button has been added to the toolbar – we love any feedback on Vizulate.
  • Readability issue of the date on produced diagram has been fixed.
  • Text wrapping has been enhanced to help reduce the number of words that are “broken up” in the middle of the word.
  • Trustee Company details – can now be shown I.e. you have the ability to show or hide Trustee company Directors & Shareholders. This is a system configuration: found here


Cosmetic Changes – Entity Relationships

  • Users have the ability to easily customise what type of relationship line (straight line or “elbow”) using an option box (under show export/preview > Chart format options). This will then be remembered for next time.

  • You can also change the colour of these lines easily.
  • You can also choose whether it is a solid or dash line
  • The key has been upgraded to include relationships arrows on the output.
    • These can be turned off in the configuration found here

System Changes


  • A “Machine ID” will be visible at the bottom of the license window – this will assist in diagnosing any license issues in the future.
  • The system will no longer allow you to add the same entity multiple times in the data table.
    • This was an issue that was identified when users wanted to nominate a trustee company for a number of trusts. This multi-instance trustee is still in our development pipeline.