The first time you use FuseDocs, you need to complete the client group details, indicate which reports to include using Y (Yes) or N (No), and specify if any additional options are relevant for the compilation (eg if you have signing packages configured).

Figure 1

When you’re ready to compile your report package, you can use the FuseDocs one-click compile function either by clicking the “Compile” button at the bottom of the workbook, or navigate to the FuseDocs toolbar and click “Run FuseDocs”.

Once you’ve pressed compile, FuseDocs will alert you to any errors, or prompt you to select the correct file when multiple options exist. This will depend on the naming and search conventions your organisation set up when FuseDocs was initially customised.

If reports or documents have not been saved within the specified naming convention, you’ll be given the option to search the client folder for the necessary document.

Once FuseDocs has finished compiling the report – simply press the “Open Compilations” button.

The completed compilations will open in your preferred PDF reader.

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