Once you have completed the data sheet, click on the Show Export / Preview button below to start the chart formatting process:

Edit the appearance of a Vizulate chart

 On the pop-up, there is a button with chart format options that you can edit:

The below are the different chart format options available and some explanation about the different options:

Chart Options

  • Shape spacing bar
    • By moving this item it will change the amount of space between the different entities/shapes
  • Orientation option
    • Select how you want the diagram to draw from the two options:
      • Updown - will put the shareholders/beneficiaries of entities BELOW the entity in which they have an interest
      • Downup - will put the shareholders/beneficiaries of entities ABOVE the entity in which they have an interest
  • Diagram detail option
    • All - this will show all of the details (e.g. registrations, notes, directors, etc) on the diagram within the shape
    • None - it will remove all the detail and just show the entity shape, name and relationships within the group
  • Diagram options – relationship lines
    • This will give you options to customise the following:
      • Type of line – Straight or elbow line
      • Solid or dashed lines
      • Different coloured lines

  • Style option
    • Border only - no colour within the shape, just the coloured outline of the shape
    • Fill style 1 - colour within the shape, but no border line on some shapes
    • Fill style 2 - colour within the shape, with border lines on all shapes
  • Key position
    • None – won’t have a key on the final chart
    • Top - This will put the key (which includes the different shapes) at the TOP of the diagram
    • Bottom - This will put the key (which includes the different shapes) at the BOTTOM of the diagram
  • Output format
    • Microsoft Excel® - this will draw the chart in Microsoft Excel®
    • Adobe PDF - this will draw the diagram and print it to PDF
  • Page format
    • Landscape
    • Portrait

Re-arranging entities within a chart

Whilst the preview screen is open, you can also click and drag to move around the position of the entities.

For example, in this example you can see that some entities have been repositioned.

Generating the chart

Once you are satisfied with the chart format options and positions of the entities, you can click the generate chart option below:

This will then draw the chart for you (like this example below):

When you go to print this chart, it will insert a header and a footer (to which you can add your firm logo):