FuseDocs Ribbon

FuseDocs Ribbon is the easiest way to get up and running with FuseDocs.

It contains two components:

  1. The FuseDocs Ribbon Excel Addin
  2. Your template file(s).

FuseDocs Ribbon Excel Addin

Typically, the Ribbon Excel Addin is installed per user using the following installation link: here

If you have installed FuseDocs this way - your Ribbon will automatically update, giving you brand new features every time we update the FuseDocs software.

Your template file(s)

As part of your FuseDocs configuration - you will have a folder on your network containing your master Excel template plus any supporting files (logo images, letterhead files etc). 

Please ask your FuseDocs champion for these details.

Once you're up and running

Once FuseDocs is installed and you have located your template - FuseDocs ribbon should show you action buttons to kick off your FuseDocs automation processes.

Alternative Installation Methods

There are two exceptions to this installation method:

  1. If we have set you up with a local per-user installation, you will have a different location link on your network (if you are not sure - submit a support ticket or ask your FuseDocs champion)
  2. If your IT environment is highly secured - you will have a local per-machine installation which will be managed by your IT team. If you would like an assistance with managing this please just let us know. See this article for more information on installing for all users.


Using FuseDocs for the first time, including how to complete the Compilation Table.