In addition to the FuseDocs per-user installation, FuseDocs can be installed for ALL users on a specific machine.

Note that while this method is fully supported, we advise against it for a few reasons:

  • FuseDocs will not automatically update when new features are added. I.e. your IT team will need to manually roll out an update.
  • FuseDocs ribbon will appear for ALL users in your organisation - however, based on the number of purchased licenses, it may not be functional for everyone.


This can be installed by downloading the latest MSI file:

This installer will not display any prompts - but once successful will display in your Add/Remove programs.

Once Installed - all users will have access to the Excel toolbar within Excel. 

However please note that "Action buttons" may not appear in FuseDocs until the user opens a valid workbook (I.e. an annual compilation template)

If you have any questions or issues, please log a support ticket.