View is an Excel Addin which allows you to leverage the data from within your Practice Management System.

Installing View

View is installed on a per-user basis directly into their Microsoft Excel.

To install view:

  1. Download the view setup application from here:
  2. Follow the prompts on this installer to install this Excel Add-in

Once installed - you will have access to the View toolbar within Excel.

If this is the first time using View - press "Open/Load" and select the view configuration file which will be linked on your Smarter Business Software licensing portal.

  1. From Excel - select Open > Select the download VIW file.

  2. View will then install this configuration and open the target view.

  1. Once this view is set up and opened in Excel - the full View toolbar will be displayed:

If you are unable to install this add-in or cannot locate your VIW file please log a support ticket