If you have recently updated your FuseDocs software or template - you may be expecting action buttons to be present in Excel.

Displaying this

Instead of this:
(or similar)

Possible Solutions

If these buttons are not shown - there may be two causes:

Make sure you have the correct Excel workbook open

FuseDocs Ribbon will display buttons based on the current active Excel workbook. This means you will need to open your FuseDocs Template for these buttons to display.

Refresh your FuseDocs settings

If you have recently updated FuseDocs - you may need to "refresh" your FuseDocs settings.

To do this:

  1. Click "Settings" on the FuseDocs Ribbon
  2. Click on the Icon next to "Support Tools"
  3. Click on the Icon next to "Reload Configuration"
  4. Close the settings windows.

If neither of these solutions helps - please log a support ticket.