FuseDocs searches your documents for pre-programmed phrases to automatically identify which pages to extract. Sometimes FuseDocs can’t locate the phrase that it’s looking for within your document.

Cause 1: The pre-programmed phrase that FuseDocs is looking for isn’t present in the document. This can happen when standard template wording changes from time to time.

Solution: The FuseDocs support team can help to identify an appropriate phrase and update the programming of your FuseDocs solution. Please log a support ticket and we will be in contact.


Cause 2: The document isn’t ‘readable’. To check if your source document is readable, use the search feature of your PDF viewer (Ctrl+F) to search for a phrase you know is present in the document. If the PDF viewer can’t read the document, neither can FuseDocs.

Solution:  Please refer to our support article Creating 'Readable' PDFs