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  • Background and General Advice
  • Advice for Virtual Cabinet Users
  • Advice for MYOB Users
  • Advice for IManage Users

Background and General Advice for Creating 'readable' PDFs

In some cases FuseDocs may need to read your documents to identify specific pages to extract from the main document, or the correct location to place a sign here sticker or signature image. You can test if Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is available in your documents by doing a text search in your source document (Ctrl+F and search for a word you know is in the document).  

We generally recommend not using a “print to PDF” feature.  This is mainly because most PDF Printers interfere with the PDF data in some way, which can often render them unreadable by the inner workings of FuseDocs (you may have found this in the past, where a document suddenly becomes not searchable).

What we recommend instead is to “save” PDFs to a specific location and then file those documents into the DMS system. This avoids the printing step, removes the risk of the document being negatively impacted, and generally is quicker. This issue is not limited to any specific software, we have seen it across many products where PDF printers are used.

Exporting from APS Tax Manager

Please see our detailed instructions here: 

Advice for Virtual Cabinet Users

For users of Virtual Cabinet there is a feature called a “Hot Folder” which allows you to save a PDF to that location, which then opens a VC prompt to file the document. This removes the step and risk of needing to print the document to a PDF printer.

You should have a “Virtual Cabinet Hot Folder” in your favourites (or you may need to set it up), which then works with the VC software to prompt you to save any new files saved into that folder. If you can’t set this up, it may be worth asking your IT team or we can put in a request to VC support on your behalf if you’d like.

Advice for MYOB Users

Please refer to our support article MYOB: Producing PDFs for FuseDocs

Advice for IManage Users

For users of IManage, we recommend saving your PDF files directly to your desktop, then using the 'drag and drop' method for saving the file down to your clients data base.

Below is an example of how you can drag, drop & file your PDF document: