Once you have finished with the input template, you may save the compilation for reviewing or editing at a later date

To save a FuseDocs .fuse file:

  • Click the Save button on the Home ribbon at the top of the screen:  

  • Save the FuseDocs file (which will have *.fuse file extension) to either:
    • a shared folder (if you wish to share)
    • or, locally on your PC

To re-open a FuseDocs .fuse file:

  • Click the Open Fuse Datab button on the Home ribbon:

  • Navigate to where the .fuse file has been saved

  • You will be prompted to select the relevant template, e.g. Annual Compilation

  • You may either double-click on the template button, or select the template and click Open:

  • FuseDocs will then load the saved data into the open template.