Most FuseDocs solution include the ability to add 'other documents' into your compilation for each entity.

In the 'Other Documents' column, next to the appropriate entity, add the text that you would like to come through on the bookmark in the final compilation.  If you are adding multiple documents you may like this to say something like "Other Documents" or "Other Attachments".

Run the compilation.  When FuseDocs is ready to add the documents it will prompt you to select the document/s that you want to include.  You can use the search bar to filter the list.  If there are multiple documents that you would like to include, hold down Shift or Ctrl to select multiple documents, then click 'Select'.

If you select more than one document, they will both appear in the final compilation under the one bookmark rather than a bookmark each.

If you find that you are often adding more than one document, or if there is a document type that you are adding frequently, please contact the team at so that we can update your standard document inclusions to maximise the efficiency of your FuseDocs solution.