Where merge letters and digital signatures are used FuseDocs comes pre-configured with a list of your current Partners and Managers (taken from your Practice Management Software).


This document details the steps for your practice champion to manage your own resources.


Applies to FuseDocs App only.



FuseDocs stores all templates, partner names, manager names, artwork, etc in a shared .resource file; changes to this file will impact all FuseDocs users. 

If the wrong resource is edited/deleted and you need to recover please contact support@smarterbusinesssoftware.com.au

  1. Open FuseDocs > Select the "Champion Tools" toolbar > Select Edit Resources

  2. Locate the resource "fd_partners" or "fd_managers" depending on which resource you are editing (for this example we will be editing the partners)
    • Please note there are two actions/icons for this resource:
      • A red cross to delete the resource
      • A book that will open the resource editor
  3. Select the editor icon
  4. To Add a new row press the plus (+) symbol
    • Select the blank space and type in the new partners name
  5. To remove a row, select the row and press the minus (-) symbol

  6. Once you have made the required changes press done in the bottom right corner

  7. The resource/s you edited will be highlighted green to indicate which have changed
  8. Press Save; you will be prompted again to make this change
  9. Close the resources tab and any open compilations
  10. Open your FuseDocs template and verify the change has been made

Please note there is currently no way to re-order these lists through the FuseDocs App; for small lists delete the relevant rows and re-enter them with the new entry. For larger lists please contact support@smarterbusinesssoftware.com.au