FuseDocs should be able to run on any version of Windows which can install .NET 4.0 or later (Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 or later).

The system requirements for FuseDocs are:

Operating SystemWindows XP / Windows Server 2003 or later with .NET 4.0 or above installed.
CPUFuseDocs will run on any CPU capable of running Windows x86/x64, but a quad-core is recommended to ensure user experience is not impacted during a FuseDocs compilation.    
RAMFuseDocs may utilise up to 1GB of RAM under occasional heavy load.
However, the more typical usage is ~100-200 MB.
It is highly recommended that the server has enough RAM headroom so as to not cause swapping during compilations.
Recommended 4GB minimum.  Preferred 8GB.

FuseDocs can be configured to work in an "offline mode" which does not require any internet connectivity. The online version (with auto update details can be found here

Microsoft Office
FuseDocs requires a registered installation of Microsoft Office suite (2010 and above) 32 bit. FuseDocs does not support Office 64 bit.

This is utilised for automatic conversion of certain documents to preserve specific Office formatting,

Terminal Services and Citrix

FuseDocs (and SBSUpdater) works in terminal and citrix environments. We recomend setting up the SBSUpdater tool on these servers to ensure that the software is always up to date.