The below are the different chart format options available and some explanation about the different options:

Show details:

  • All - this will show all of the details (e.g. registrations, notes, directors, etc) on the diagram within the shape
  • None - it will remove all the detail and just show the entity shape, name and relationships within the group

Portrait mode - Page format:

  • Defaults to Landscape
  • But you can specify Portrait

Lock positions format:

  • Will lock the current images as presented on the page.
  • *Note if you add other entities you will likely need to re-position them to fit with the existing ‘locked’ images

Export format:

  • PDF - this will draw the diagram and print it to .PDF
  • PNG – this will draw the diagram and save it as a .PNG
  • Clipboard – this will copy the diagram to your clipboard for you to open in another application eg Word, Excel etc.