FuseCharts™ has the ability to import data from existing Practice Management Systems (provided your systems uses the standard family/debtor group structures).

This means that names and entity types of groups can be imported to pre-fill a list of related entities and make the process of creating diagrams for a group easier.

The current Practice Management Systems that this works for is:

  • Reckon APS
  • CSV Import (Allowing you to pull through, Client Name, Entity Type, ACN, ABN & DOB)

We are interested in integrating with more systems to make FuseCharts™ even easier to use. If you use another system and would like it to integrate with FuseCharts™ please get in touch with us hello@fuse.work

Import Connection - Reckon APS

  • Go to Import

This setting will determine which method will be used, currently the only supported method is Reckon APS. 

Import Connection - CSV Import

  • Prepare your CSV import file (If you need assistance extracting data from your Practice Management System, please contact their support team) 
  • Apply the correct headers to your columns to ensure data matching is valid in FuseCharts™ (Example Excel file attached to article):
  • Once you have your data similar to the above structure, save down as a CSV file to a central location that all of your team are able to access - This means that your entire team will then be able to load the CSV file and use the data.
  • Now you are ready to import your file via the 'Import' function on the home page of FuseCharts™

  • Once you have selected your CSV file, you will need to match the headers with the information that will be pulled through to FuseCharts™, for example:

  • You are now ready to start building your chart using the import information in your CSV file.

Quick links on how to export data from Xero Practice Manager:

Xero Practice Manager - https://central.xero.com/s/article/Export-Data#Exportdatainapredefinedformat

Contact us at hello@fuse.work if you're interested in getting this to work with your practice management system.