FuseDocs is customised for each of our clients, therefore the solution can vary substantially between clients.  The basics of using the program are very similar. Please see below for a step-by-step instruction on how to navigate the FuseDocs application for the first time:

1. Open your FuseDocs Application (For easy access you can pin FuseDocs to your toolbar)

2. Once you have opened your FuseDocs Application you will see on your home screen a selection of templates that have been designed for your firm.

3. Select the template you wish to use (Annual Compilation, SMSF Compilation, FBT Compilation etc.)

*As mentioned at the start of this article, the FuseDocs Application varies between clients as it is designed around your specific needs, however, the basics of the 'step-by-step' movement throughout the solution is very similar.  You will work your way from 'Step 1' through to your end step. 

4. Click the magnifying glass button to search for the client group in your Practice Management Database.  You will notice once you have selected the group or primary client some data will then pre-fill for you.

(prior to data being entered)

(after data had been entered)

5. Once you are happy with the group data being correct, move down the template and click the Document Lookup button. FuseDocs will search your Document Management System for the document types listed for each of the specified clients, and use your standard document naming conventions to return a tick wherever a document is found. 

6. After you are happy with what information has been pre-filled made any manual adjustments you are ready to compile your documents.  Locate and click the 'Compile Documents' button. FuseDocs will generate your final report packs to the left hand side of the page where you are able to make any final changes and save to your Document Management System.

*Please note that the above is a generic example of how to run through FuseDocs.  Many of our clients have additional steps which may include merge letters of all kinds & different outputs that can be selected (different printing options, stickers for application etc.).  If you require more training with your specific solution please contact your in-house FuseDocs Champion or please log a support ticket here.