To change your default financial year within your FuseDocs Application please follow the below instructions:

1. Open your FuseDocs Application. 

2. Navigate to 'Champion Tools' on the top banner (if you do not have access to this feature, please consult your internal FuseDocs champion or please log a support ticket here)

3. Select 'Edit Resources'. 

4. Scroll down until you see 're_defaultYear' and edit the year (if you do not have 're_defaultYear' in your resources, please log a support ticket here)

Take special note of the format of the year and ensure you update it accordingly.  Some systems need the format 2019 while others need 2018-19 for example.

5. Select 'Save Resources' at the bottom of the page and the default year will now be updated. Please note you may need to close and re-open your FuseDocs Application for the change to appear in your compilation template.