Automatically create BAS & IAS Bills in Xero, sharpen your cashflow, groom your reporting. 


Using Razor 

After publishing your full Business Activity Statement in Xero, head to the Razor website or click here to connect to Razor.  

Select the organisation whose BAS reports you’d like to code and click “Allow access for 30 minutes”. 


Select the published GST Report you’d like to dissect. 


You’ll be presented with a preview and can easily update or change the account codes associated with the lines on your Business Activity Statement. 


When you’re ready, simply press “Publish Bill” to code your Business Activity Statement and have clear visibility over your upcoming cash flow to manage the payment of your bill.  


If you’re not ready, simply draft the Bill, which you can publish in Xero at any time.  

If you need help, simply click “Contact Support” or email our dedicated help desk at 

Use of the Razor add-on is covered by our EULA and privacy policy