FuseDocs is built around rules and conventions, and the better your input data and documents conform to those rules and conventions, the more efficient and effective your automation is going to be. 

If FuseDocs can't find a document that you know is saved in the right place in your database, it could be because of a typo or incorrect naming convention in the file name - that's the first thing to check.

Document Description Matters 

When it comes to your naming conventions, the document’s description is often the most crucial element. The key is to be as descriptive as possible and use normalised language whenever possible so it’s easy to locate in the future.   

You should include specific details that are meaningful to your organisation and that can remind you of the function or content of the file. For example, a weak description might be “Tax Info”, where a better name might be “Tax Information and Raw Data – 2019 – Jones Family” (with or without the year and entity tags depending on your existing document management platform). 

If everyone in your organisation knows that client data relating to their annual processing is referred to in this format it will streamline your internal processes, ensure the transferability of client data between internal team members, and help you easily identify missing information.  

Download the Filing Reference Cheat Sheet Template 

If you already have a naming convention in place but think it might be time to revisit or refresh your team on where and how common, recurring documents are stored, we’ve created an editable template you can use to map out your own filing cheat sheet.  Include this in internal training for new team members, and if new recurring documents are introduced, be sure to add the details and update your team so everyone knows exactly where and how they should be storing information.   

You can access the read more about naming conventions and access the template via our blog: https://fuse.work/blog/naming-conventions-that-work/ 

Or download the template directly below. 

If the naming conventions programmed into your existing FuseDocs solution aren't working as you would expect please contact us at support@fuse.work for assistance.