The trend towards electronic document distribution via email or electronic signing platforms means less printing for many of our clients.  We know, however, that not all of your clients will yet be comfortable with an electronic copy or may still prefer to thumb through a bound set of documents. 

Are you still sending each document in the set to the printer separately, adjusting print settings and clicking 'print' multiple times per collation? 

FuseDocs can help you with .pdf compiled packages that are optimised for printing!  There are several settings that can be adjusted differently to your electronic package to optimise your package for printing the full document set with a single click:

Duplex / Double-Sided Printing

Reduce the size and weight of your bound documents by printing duplex, or double-sided.  During the compilation process FuseDocs will ensure that each new document starts on an odd page.  This means that the first page of each new document will be top facing as your client navigates through their package and enables documents to be taken out of the package separately in full.  This is enabled by including additional white pages at the end of some documents, which wouldn't normally be included in a package optimised for electronic viewing. 

Pre-Printed Stationery

If you have invested in having your corporate letterhead and follower colour printed onto premium card stock you'll want to use that for certain pages within your package.  In a document set optimised for electronic viewing FuseDocs would typically apply the corporate branding during the compilation process, and this would be switched off for print optimised document sets. 

Pre-Printed Binding Covers

Similarly, you may have invested in full colour premium card stock binding covers and dividers.  FuseDocs can exclude the electronic versions of these from your print optimised package.

Physical 'Sign Here' Sticker Application 

FuseDocs typically applies an electronic 'sign here' sticker in specified locations for electronic packages.  Your firm may prefer to apply physical sign here stickers to printed documents sets that sit off-set to the edge of the page for ease of navigating between signing pages.  This means that FuseDocs will not apply these in print-optimsed packages.

Manual Signature Application 

FuseDocs can apply an image of your manager and/or partner signatures to the relevant items throughout your document set.  Your firm may prefer managers and directors to manually sign printed document sets to give your clients that personalised touch.  This means that FuseDocs will not apply these in print-optimsed packages. 

FuseDocs can create your print optimised package at the same time as creating your electronic package.  This means that it's quick and easy to send both package types to your clients that may not yet be comfortable with electronic documents and help them make the transition away from printed packages.