From 30 June 2020 FuseDocs must connect to Xero Practice Manager using the new OAuth connection method.

This article describes how to transition from an existing connection method.

The differences between the old connection method and the new connection method can be found below.

Old Method (pre-30 June 2020)New Method (30 June 2020 onward)
Entire firm based connectionSecured per the new XPM authentication.
Manual request of connection keyAutomatically connect via the application.
No XPM user account required

  1. You must be on the latest FuseDocs version (version 25.27.xx and upwards). Your version number will be listed on the Home tab within the FuseDocs App. If you are not on the latest version, please contact our support team.
  2. Your implementation consultant must activate the new XPM connection method within your FuseDocs configuration. Please contact the support team or your FuseWorks contact to make this change for you.
  3. Once this has been activated, a Xero Practice Manager Administrator must be the first user to connect to the XPM integration (open FuseDocs and perform a client search). 
    1. Third party access must be configured in your XPM user account.
      1. While logged into Xero Practice Manager as an administrator:
      2. Go to the Business > Settings > Staff page, or click on this link to go directly there.
      3. Search for the Staff Member that you would like to add this permission to.
      4. Ensure that Staff Member has the Administrator Privilege. If they do not, tick the checkbox for this and save the Staff settings first.
      5. You will now see a new Heading appear at the bottom of the page: "API Access Privileges". 
      6. Tick the checkbox for this and save the Staff Settings to assign Authorise 3rd Party Full Access privileges.
    2. More details about this can be found here: 
  4. Once this has been done, you will be prompted to connect to XPM and authorise FuseDocs whenever you perform a data operation within FuseDocs.
    1. When you click "Get Clients" for example, you will be prompted with a Login screen to Xero.
    2. Once you have logged in and authorised, you will be asked to verify the FuseDocs application.
  5. Once FuseDocs has been verified for this administrator account it will be accessible for all other FuseDocs users within your business.

If this does not resolve the problem, please contact or log a support ticket.

Technical details from Xero can be found here: