A Bundle can consist of a document or multiple documents.

When preparing your first bundle in FuseSign you will have two options on how to open a new bundle. 

Your first option will be to navigate to the left-hand tool bar and select 'New' or your second option will be to use the '+ Document Bundle' button on the top right-hand side of your screen.

Once you have selected one of the above options, your new bundle will open as shown below:

Now that your bundle has been started you will be navigated through your required steps, starting with 'Recipients'. 

If you have imported your contacts list to FuseSign then you will be able to add them via searching their name in the 'Search Existing' field:

If you have not added a contact list to FuseSign, you will need to select 'New Recipient'. A 'New Recipient' window will pop up for you to add the required fields for your new contact:

Once your recipient/s have been selected you will then be moved through to adding your subject line, body and due date to your bundle:

Please note that the 'due date' field is presently only for internal use. This field assists you in filtering your outstanding bundles so you can remind your clients. Coming soon in the development pipeline are notifications prompts linked to the 'due date' field so clients are reminded of their outstanding bundles. 

You are now ready to add your documents to your bundle. Simply either drag 'n' drop your files, or select them from your folder structure. 

Now that your documents have been added, you will be required to assign your signatories. For more in-depth detail of distribution options, please see our help desk article: ADD ARTICLE LINK HERE

Once your documents have been added you can choose to save as a draft to revisit later or have someone else review and finalise.. Alternatively you can move through to sending your bundle. You will be prompted with one last confirmation prior to the bundle being sent.  This is an easy wasy to confirm the actions each party to the bundle needs to take:

Your bundle has now been delivered to your clients.

You can track the progress of the client performing their bundle actions by selecting the bundle within the Active folder.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our team members on (07) 3233 6440.