As a starting point with your FuseSign application we recommend setting up your firm wide configuration settings to ensure your bundles are consistent and branded to your firm requirements.

To find your configuration settings, navigate to the left-hand side toolbar and select 'Settings' under the configuration heading:

Once you have opened your settings you will have three key areas to complete:

Please note that if you are unsure about any of the options within your settings, please hover over the grey question mark and there will be explanation for each item.

Email Customisation

Please update the 'Message sent FROM' field to be your firm name so when a client receives your FuseSign email, they will know it is coming from your office.

There is also the option to add a 'Default Body Message' in your bundles, we recommend using a base template that you can edit to add your recipients name for a more personalised message as shown in the below example.

When adding your firm logo, the following format and size requirements apply:

Format - PNG or JPG 

Size - 2MB, recommended ~500KBS

Bundle PDF Output

When selecting this option, it means that when each signatory signs off on the document, their initials will be added to the bottom corner of each document.

Bundle Delivery and Management

These options will control what happens to your bundle once your signatories have completed the signing process.
If you have a central team member in your office who files and attends to all signed documents we recommend adding their email address to the 'Central Bundle Return Address' field. This will then deliver the signed documentation directly to their email for saving down and any other relevant actions.

Another option to note is 'Archive Finalised Bundles', if you select this option, it will move all completed bundles straight through to Archived. This means that when your bundle has been signed, it will NOT go to your 'Completed' folder, it will be moved straight through to your 'Archived' folder which means the documents attached to the bundle will be deleted and you will just be left with the audit trail of the bundle. Please proceed with caution and ensure that if you have this option selected that you have all completed bundles going to a central email that will be actioned.

If you have any questions, please contact our office on (07) 3233 6440.