FuseSign has flexible and powerful features when it comes to nominating actions for each recipient to a bundle.  

This ensures that for a package of documents (for example an entire family group) you can simply create one bundle that can be forwarded to multiple recipients, allowing for diffrerent actions per document within the bundle.

Within FuseSign you have three different options for how your signatory distributions can be made.

Below we explain the three different signing options:

Visible to Signer(s)

Our first option is to set our document to 'Visible to Signer(s)' this will allow the document to be visible to all signatories that have been checked in the signatories area of the particular document.

Visible to All

Our second option is to set our document to 'Visible to All' this will mean that any recipient on the bundle will be able to view this document.  You can select this option with our without Signatures being required.


When using the third option 'Advanced' we are able to toggle between the actions for each individual recipient. This is the most useful setting to use for your recipients as you can chose to have 'none' as a setting which means that recipient will not be able to see that particular document at all - whereas other parties to the bundle can be set with different settings (ie VIEW or Sign)

If you have any questions regarding the distribution process, please don't hesitate to contact our office on (07) 3233 6440.