As the FuseDocs or FuseSign Champion for your firm you will receive an email inviting you to setup your FuseWorks account which will give you access to manage the users assigned for your firm via

Once you have created your personal password that you will use to log into your FuseWorks software solution, you can also log into Only users assigned as Champions have access to this portal and it does not contain any billing information.

Creating a New User

With a FuseSign licence you can have everyone in your business with access rights to FuseSign - allowing for a powerful business wide platform.

Once logged in select 'Create User'.

Enter the details for the new user as highlighted below, then click create.  

Definitions of access levels for the different groups are defined on this screen. If a user does not need any special access rights (i.e. Champion or Approver) there is no need to add a group - just leave that field blank.

The new user will receive a welcome email and be invited to finalise setting up their FuseWorks User Account and personal password.