There are two ways to edit your recipients details, firstly you can update them from the 'Customers' tab on the left hand side menu. Secondly, you can update them directly through the active document bundle. 

Editing via the 'Customers' Tab: 

Once you have selected the customers tab, you will be presented with your full list of customers.

On the right hand side of your customers you can either 'Edit' or 'Archive' 

When selecting 'Edit' you will be presented with a window to adjust the Name, Email Address & Mobile Number of your customer. Once you have finished editing your customer, select 'Save'

Editing via the Active Bundle:

In the Bundle Recipients area or your active bundle it shows the Name, Email Address and Phone Number for your recipient. To edit these details, simply select the 'Edit' function to the right of these fields. 

Once you have completed your changes, you can then also 'Resend' the document bundle to the recipient that changes were made to. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office on (07) 3233 6440.