If you are receiving the following error when launching or during a compilation:

Message: Unable to access resource Path: 'X:\FuseDocs\Resources\fd_resources.fdresources'.

This is because FuseDocs cannot connect to the network folder where resources are stored. FuseDocs needs things like images for the App buttons, and resources for completing compilations such as cover pages and signatures.

FuseDocs will tell you if it can't find them, and will also tell you where it's looking in the error message - in this case, X:\FuseDocs\Resources.

1) Check you have access to the network folder

Open a Windows file explorer window and type the address FuseDocs gives you into the address bar (e.g. "X:\FuseDocs"). Does the folder exist? 

If not, the network drive is either temporarily unavailable (check again in a minute or two, or restart your Windows session) or you need your IT team to mount the drive for your user account.

2) You're able to access the folder

Try closing and launching FuseDocs again