FuseDocs is designed in a customised way to compile, format and create your client ready documents with simplicity and consistency. 

If you’d like to leverage our FuseSign signing platform it's easy: 

  1. Let us know - Email your implementation consultant or hello@fuse.work
  2. We will make some changes to your FuseDocs template to re-configure the signing output so it’s ready for FuseSign 
  3. You will then be ready to send your client ready packs to FuseSign 

Our approach to Group documents and FuseSign is 2 options: 

  1. We can create entity packs with each document for an entity being all of the signing documents for the entity combined together seamlessly by FuseDocs; or 
  2. We can deliver every signing document for the group as separate documents. 

Our direct integration between FuseDocs and FuseSign is also available for those on FuseSign Progressive Plans, where you can find recipients & set signing requirements within FuseDocs, that then creates a draft bundle within FuseSign for final review prior to sending.  

For more information, please contact our office on (07) 3233 6440 or hello@fuse.work