A credit is tied to the volume that you use in FuseSign. In most cases, credits represent the number of unique signers in a document bundle.  

Credits get consumed when you send bundles out to clients.  

In most cases, the number of credits consumed is equal to the number of unique signers in that bundle. I.e. 3 people signing 1 document = 3 credits. 1 person signing 20 documents = 1 credit. 

There are some situations where this might be different: 

  • If you are on a progressive, progressive plus or enterprise bundle - then any FuseSign internal users (I.e. signers within your business) will be free.  [There is still a 1 credit minimum per bundle] 
  • If you are using the optional "SMS to View" authentication, then a credit is consumed for each VIEWER of the bundle, not just those that have to sign. This is because of the cost of the extra verification used. Note that internal VIEWERs as above are still free. 

Credit can be added to your account in three ways: 

  • For monthly plans, you will have credits automatically added to your account on the monthly roll over date of your plan.  These monthly credits expire within the month. 
  • For annual upfront plans, you will be given your full annual credit at the start of your subscription which will have 12 month expiry. 
  • For both plan types, you can either manually or automatically purchase "top up" bundles - which are 50 additional credits at your current $/credit rate. These top up bundles last for three months from the date of purchase. Auto top ups can be manually enabled and will automatically purchase a block if your current credits drops below 10. 

For more information, please contact our office on (07) 3233 6440 or email hello@fuse.work