If you are receiving the following error when attempting to run a compilation:

Message: The process cannot access the file 'X:\TEMP\user\Temp\FuseDocs\Temp\2020-09-30--16-20-25\Cover Letter[1].docx' because it is being used by another process. 

1) Close the Microsoft Word window where you were editing a FuseDocs merge document

The most likely cause is the Cover Letter or other merge document has been opened in Word using the "Edit in External Editor" function. When editing merge documents in Word, you must close the Word instance before proceeding with the compilation, otherwise FuseDocs cannot access the file to convert it to PDF.

2) If that doesn't help, try force-closing any Microsoft Word processes

In rare cases Word may have crashed, so Word won't show any windows but will still prevent access to the file. 

> Press ctrl+alt+delete 

> select Task Manager 

> Processes tab 

> Find "Microsoft Word"

> Left click the process

> Click "End Task" at bottom right

> Repeat if any other Microsoft Word processes remain